How well and what is known about Chickano Brand.

What is Chickano brand equity?

Brand equity is the value of the brand in the marketplace. Simply put, Chickano brand has high value in the marketplace. However, what this means exactly is often not fully or clearly understood.

High brand value, a brand with high equity, means that the Chickano brand has the ability to create some sort of positive differential response in the marketplace. This can mean that your brand is easily recognizable when encountered in advertising or seen on a yard sign. It can mean that your brand is one of the first ones recalled when a relevant prompt is used – “who would I call to discuss listing my house?” It could mean that individuals would be willing to pay a premium price for your brand’s offering. In the case of a real estate transaction, individuals would pay a standard commission and feel as if they received a valuable high-quality service from a well-known and trusted the brand. It could mean that when someone asks for a referral, your brand is the first one that is recommended to others. All of these are positive responses is a readily recognizable brand. A  brand that is recalled quickly and easily when needed, one that individuals are willing to pay a premium price to acquire, and a brand that is recommended to others. These are all characteristics of a high equity brand.

Ultimately, brand equity = consumer brand knowledge. You create your brand’s equity as you create your market’s consumer knowledge. Recall that brand equity is the value of the brand in the marketplace. We should think of brand equity as an asset that we will receive returns on today, tomorrow, and the days to come. As with any asset, you have to decide how best to invest in it. Invest wisely and you will have the type of brand equity that provides good returns. Build a brand that is high in awareness. Grow a brand that is readily recognized whenever and wherever it is seen. When consumers think of needing a realtor, your brand should be the first one that comes to mind. Such a brand leads customers to easily construct an image of your brand that is relevant to their needs, clear in what it stands for, and stand out from your competition. When you have accomplished this then you have made the right investments in building your own brand value – high brand equity that won’t appear on a financial statement on its own unique line, but will be reflected in the top-line revenue and the bottom-line profitability.

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