Is the food truck in Malaysia going places?

Is the food truck in Malaysia going places?

Food Trucks are cool.

They can be pimped up with custom-made fabrications to enhance the wow factor. The trucks are also mobile and have strong branding, catering to an ever-growing demographic, and attracting new followers through free social media marketing tools like Instagram.

The food truck’s branding can often be a great marketing tool in itself. Having a killer concept and a unique and memorable brand identity can turbocharge a food truck.

For most young food entrepreneurs with little spare cash to throw around, the cheaper cost of setting up a food truck is the real appeal. While brick-and-mortar restaurants cost upwards of RM200,000 to set up, starting a food truck is between RM100,000 and RM150,000.

For consumers, food trucks offer something different from stationary restaurants and hawker stalls. The trucks are clean and the food is quick offerings like burgers, wraps, and pastas, sold at lower prices than eateries.

The communal atmosphere around a food truck is also a big draw. You’ll often find food truckers chatting up customers as they serve them, attempting to develop a relationship of sorts. This is in stark difference to the old-fashioned hawkers who are sometimes nice, but equally often mute or grumpy and dishevelled.

Despite its burgeoning popularity, there are a lot of headaches that food truck operators face. The biggest and most formidable one is the lack of a licensing framework governing food trucks. This means that while food truck operators have a commercial vehicle licence and all the necessary certification to run a food outlet, they do not have licences to park their vehicles in public spaces.

As competition intensifies, and more and more food trucks flood the market, it will become increasingly harder for everyone to keep their heads above water. The slice of the market will become smaller, as more food truckers vie for catering gigs and food truck hot spots. In the end, only those with passion and determination who also have larger goals in sight will make it in this tough business.

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