Do you have what it takes to be a Chickano Franchisee?

Do you have what it takes to be a Chickano Franchisee?

Having the right Chickano franchisees is crucial to our business.

That’s why we are very selective about who we choose to operate with. Franchisees must be able to work with the management and share the passion for the brand. We view franchising as a partnership, hence choosing the right partners is of paramount importance.

The list below outlines some of the key attributes we look for in our franchisees:

  • Some retail experience, preferably in the food industry
  • Team management skills
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ambitious and self-motivated
  • Hard working and committed

The franchisee should feel like an integral part of the network, relying on a proven methodology to encourage aspirations and opportunities.  Support and training should allow the business to excel in its industry and set exceptional standards in customer satisfaction.

Chickano is our story. A story of success through hard work, determination, and commitment. We’ve spent years in shaping a business that delivers great revenue, profitability, teamwork and above all else exceptional customer satisfaction. It’s our pride and joy, we love our Chickano and we now invite you to enjoy our success.

Our success relies completely on our people, and so we choose our team with great care and consideration. Your previous experiences, background, expertise, and skills will all be considered when we make our decision. We look for individuals who have strong entrepreneurial skills, and who understand the strengths of working with a leading, proven business strategy. Once selected our head office will, of course, be committed to supporting your business with skill and prowess.

Once you have registered your interest, a franchise brochure will be sent to you. You will be provided with a list of available territories in the region of your choice (subject to availability). We will provide you with a very detailed demographic profile outlining your potential customer base in your territory.

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