Benefits of a Foodtruck Business

Benefits of a Foodtruck Business

Foodtruck business are becoming more popular in Indonesia and Malaysia. A mobile business is versatile, has a lower overhead cost, and has great mobility. Common businesses people custom build their trucks into are mobile restaurants, mobile saloon, and mobile clothing/retail stores. Although those are the most common builds, Chickano has also built trucks for different city and country throughout Indonesia and Malaysia.

Foodtruck can become anything you want them to be, and that is one of the aspects that makes them so popular. Any business can benefit from being able to move locations to any popular spot on any day! The key to having a popular truck is to ensure your customers always know where to find you. Using social media to help promote and grow your mobile business is extremely helpful when you are developing your customer base.

Overhead Costs
Foodtruck commonly has lower overhead costs associated with the truck than a traditional brick and mortar business would generate. Regardless if it is a foodtruck or a mobile boutique, the amount of staff needed at one time is much lower. If you are anticipating developing a restaurant and you are contemplating between having a traditional sit-down restaurant and a mobile restaurant, consider the amount of money you will reduce the cost of labor each day. Foodtrucks usually host only about three to five employees at one time, whereas a sit-down restaurant may have 10-20 employees working at once.

Often business owners try to participate in big events happening in their area to reach a new market of the customer. That can take a lot of time and work if the business is not mobile. A mobile business is much easier to get to any event or specific location. Any mobile business can be taken to festivals, conferences, and any events the truck wants to participate in. Although there may be a fee for a Foodtruck at some events, it still allows the owner to get their image, products, and brand to new customers that may potentially become loyal followers.

Foodtruck have benefits that a brick and mortars simply can’t obtain. If you are thinking of starting a new business or you are considering expanding your current business, consider starting a Foodtruck instead of a traditional business.

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